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Jessica Harp
Kind of surprised there isn't already a thread for her here but in any event, Jess has posted on twitter lately that she has some news to share soon and will need input.

She plans on setting up convos to discuss the new music project over at: (which is her official site, at least for now) but you have to be a member to get all access! Hope to see you all there!

She's also joined insta (finally):
Hope it's new album ^^
I miss her and the wreckers. They were so good together and honestly I can't find another country band who's making music I love so much like The Wreckers.

It's too bad that Michelle and Jess don't even talk with each other. What has really happened between them?
I'm not sure that they don't talk.
It's just happy birthday and Michelle didn't even reply.

Michelle always put picures of her and her friends, and I never see Jessica there

I don't think they are best friends as they were but my understanding is they are still friends and still speak to each other. However, they are both busy with other things: life, music, etc so of course it isn't going to be the same as it was.

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